We understand that every industry holds its own unique risks, which is why we have developed an insurance solution specifically for the hotel Industry – all at a very competitive price.

Knowing your business

We understand that every Hotel is different and can be a mix of several exposures from accommodation, bar sales, gaming, nightclubs and bottle shops.

Exposures Hotels face

Hotels face many exposures due to the variety of the services provided. Some key exposures are property damage due to fire, weather events or malicious damage. The loss of revenue when a major event occurs, such as fire, can see your business close its doors whilst repairs are made. The high level of foot traffic means slip and fall claims are an ongoing exposure as well as theft of money by employees of third parties. We can address possible fines from regulators such as Worksafe, the new age cyber exposures, breach of privacy and so much more.

Tailored solutions

As every Hotel is different, we will tailor your insurance protection to make sure you are covered for your specific exposures and you are not paying for cover you do not need.

Personal service

You will have access to your own dedicated insurance Risk Adviser who can deliver the face to face personal service you need.

The Adroit footprint

With nine offices throughout Victoria, Adroit is perfectly suited to service the AHA (Vic) membership

You can’t run a Business without good quality Insurance and advice. The team at Adroit have been reliable and communicated in simple terms what our options for a business are. For our business, its not always the price that is important, it’s the quality of the product and I am confident that with Adroit, I am always receiving the best package available and expert advice throughout the whole process.

John Upham

Lorne Hotel

Adroit Claims Advantage

Your Risk Adviser with the help of our dedicated claims team will take care of everything for you, in the event you need to make a claim. The team are committed to taking the worry out of each claims situation by providing empathy, strong technical knowledge and a positive ‘Get the Job Done’ attitude to achieve the best possible outcomes every time.

Our partnership with John Lyng and Crawfords allows us the ability to immediately respond to your needs in the event of a claim.

 Adroit Insurance & Risk

Adroit Insurance & Risk has been operating since 1978 and has 9 regional and metropolitan locations across Victoria. Our team contains professionally trained insurance Risk Advisers with extensive retail and members insurance expertise. Our high service standard and fully managed claims service means we are only a phone call away and able to take care of everything for you should the need arise. Our skills, knowledge and experience make us Laser’s insurance Risk Adviser of choice.



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