Why should you protect yourself?

Electricians are required to work across numerous locations and within a broad range of industries – with exposures varying from one industry to another. At times, electricians are required to work in difficult and confined locations within strict deadlines, potentially causing additional pressures and stress. Electrical work such as testing cables or installing and repairing systems comes with several associated dangers to you and your customers.

The risks include electrical shock, release of lead, solvents, and other toxic chemicals, which can cause injury or death to others, or sparks and explosions that can cause fire and damage to your customer’s property. With any trade comes the risk of lost or stolen tools, either on site or from your vehicle, while parked at home or on the job site. As an employee, your personal tools are generally not covered by your employer, so it is important to check and maintain your own insurance coverage if required.

What is unique to Adroit’s offer?

Our team delivers competitive pricing and provide you with a team of dedicated insurance risk advisers with expert knowledge of the industry. We provide risk management advice and unique policy benefits such as faulty workmanship cover, damage to products (or your customers’ property) and cover for your tools.

How can you protect yourself?

To find out more about our exclusive insurance solution for electricians and cablers, contact us today and let us take care of everything for you.