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"Anyone can be an Insurance Risk Adviser in the good times… It’s when you have a problem, you sort the good from the bad"

Jeremy Johnson – Sovereign Hill

VTIC provides an exclusive tailored insurance solution for its members. This solution has been developed by our Risk Advisers after careful consideration of the industry specific needs and risk analysis.

VTIC Insurance Solutions

The Adroit team understands every industry holds its own unique risks, which is why they have developed an insurance solution specific all for the tourism Industry. All at a very competitive price.

This insurance solution was carefully considered using the following Hazard rating index. This index shows where the greatest risks are within our Industry and from this information Adroit were able to tailor an insurance solution to meet our needs.

Knowing your business

 We understand that every VTIC member is different, including businesses such as wineries, accommodation, outdoor adventure activities, tour guides, attractions and so much more. Our experience across the many varied activities provides Adroit with an invaluable insight into where the hidden risks are for your business.

Some exposures VTIC members

Those who own property face the risk of damage due to fire, weather events or malicious damage, including the resulting loss of revenue when a major event occurs. Many members deal with high levels of foot traffic from the public as they enjoy your services. This exposes the business to slip and fall incidents resulting in possible public liability claims.

Tailored solutions

 Because every VTIC member is different we will tailor our insurance protection to ensure you are covered correctly. At the same time we will ensure you are not paying for cover you do not need.

Personal service

 You will have access to your own dedicated insurance advisor who can provide the face to face personal service you need.


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