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Adroit Insurance & Risk 3 Bank Place Drouin VIC 3818 Australia

Phone: 03 5625 1015


Managing Principal: Jeff Proctor

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For tailored insurance covers ranging from personal, business, life & income, workers compensation, and more, speak with our local Adroit team in Drouin today. We sit down with you to understand your needs and squarely focus on addressing them to keep you safe and protected. 

At our Drouin Adroit office, we provide 24 hour assistance and prompt responses to all your insurance concerns – ensuring you feel confident and protected even when the unexpected occurs.


At Adroit, we’re your partners who are committed to helping your business stay properly protected – with you being fully aware and informed every step of the way.


Our Adroit risk advisers in Drouin are leading experts in the insurance industry, with the skills to provide you with professional insurance advice in simple and understandable terms. We keep you well-informed every step of the way regarding all your insurance policy options and details. 

From workers’ compensation insurance such as injury, claims, and premium management through to other covers in Life & Income, Personal, and Business insurance, your Drouin team at Adroit are always available to assist. 

We’re all about giving you expert risk advice for all your insurance policy options. We empower you with the necessary information and choices so you can make an informed decision for your home and business. Visit our office in Drouin or get in touch via phone or email today.