Andrew Medland

Andrew Medland

Andrew has had over ten years’ experience in the Insurance industry working as a Risk Adviser, Senior Claims Officer (workers Compensation), and as a Senior Construction Underwriter.

Andrew specialises in Transport, Civil, Industrial and Domestic Construction and General Insurance.

Andrew’s focus is on making sure clients attain peace of mind that their assets and business operations are appropriately insured, this allows them to focus on achieving their work and private goals.

Clients are his number one priority, assisting to provide a greater understanding of the insurance industry and how to best protect their employees, assets and operations.

Attaining appropriate and fair claims outcomes is key to client service with effective communication returning the insured to their position prior to the loss.

Andrew has previously worked as a secondary teacher in a specialised school with children who had behavioural problems and learning difficulties. The highlight of his time was taking a group of six students to complete the Kokoda Track in 2009.

These similar values and programs are undertaken in the Les Twentyman Foundation where Andrew and the Adroit team are currently actively supporting LTF’s goal to provide crucial support services to young people and their families.

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