Ellen Mills

Ellen Mills

Risk Adviser

Ellen’s journey commenced in 2015 with Chubb Insurance, swiftly propelling her to the role of Senior Customer Service Representative. In 2017, she transitioned to Adroit Insurance & Risk, marking the beginning of an illustrious career. Over six years, Ellen has emerged as a luminary, embodying exceptional customer service within the organization.

Driven by an avid curiosity, Ellen deeply immerses herself in her clients’ businesses. She uncovers core motivations, crafting solutions that resonate and forming partnerships that transcend the transactional.

Ellen’s dedication to her clients’ best interests sets her apart. As an advocate, she tenaciously seeks outcomes aligned with their visions. Her efficiency, combined with a warm demeanor, cements strong relationships with both clients and underwriters. Ellen’s legacy is one of commitment, expertise, and genuine care, making a lasting impact within Adroit Insurance & Risk.

AR No.: 1302237

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