Emma Kenny

Emma Kenny

With over a decade of experience in the insurance industry, Emma’s journey has been one of continuous growth and specialization. Joining Adroit in 2017, she has swiftly become a standout professional. Emma’s expertise is firmly rooted in the realm of Commercial Business, where her focus extends across diverse sectors including trades, property owners, retail, and hospitality.

Emma’s prowess isn’t confined to the mainstream; she navigates even the most intricate challenges with finesse. A testament to her skill is her role in insuring Liability and Commercial Motor for over 20 franchisees, a task that demands a nuanced understanding due to the unique nature of their risks. Her extensive knowledge of Builders Warranty and adeptness with the BuildVic portal make her an invaluable asset within the Geelong office.

Emma takes pride in fostering solid, grounded relationships, often going the extra mile to spend time with them and understand the nuances of their business. This commitment to personalized service underscores her client-centric approach.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Emma’s enthusiasm for community engagement shines brightly. She is an active presence at networking, business, and sporting events, not only in Geelong but also in Melbourne. This dedication reflects her vibrant personality and social nature, allowing her to forge connections with a wide array of clients and industry professionals.

AR No.: 1302143

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