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Business Insurance Requirements

As a small business owner in Geelong, you are required by law to take out Workers Compensation Insurance. This type of insurance provides financial protection for employees who are injured or become ill as a result of their job.

Other insurance policies may also be required depending on your type of business. For example, businesses that operate vehicles must have motor vehicle insurance. Likewise, construction professionals in Victoria are required to obtain domestic building insurance.

To make sure you have the right cover in place, contact our Geelong insurance brokers at Adroit, and we can help you meet your legal requirements.

What Insurance Should I Have for My Business?

In addition to the types of compulsory insurance, your business may benefit from other insurance policies. Common business insurance policies include:


Having the right insurance solutions in place protects your business from financial loss if something goes wrong. It can also help you to continue operating if you suffer damage to your property or business interruption.

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