Your home is one of your biggest assets, and making sure it’s protected, along with the contents of it, is really important. Let us help you find the policy that suits your needs and keeps your home safe and sound.

What is Home and contents, Landlords and Strata Insurance?

Simply put, Home and contents insurance covers the place you call home, and the contents of your home for any loss or damage caused directly by an insured event, like a robbery or a bushfire.
Landlords Insurance and Strata Insurance covers the dwelling and the option of fixtures and fittings for any loss or damage caused directly by an insured event.

Who Needs Home and Contents, Landlords and Strata Insurance?

Any Home Owner should take out cover on the above Insurance policies to cover one of their biggest assets.

Why should you protect yourself?

The policy covers your assets against any loss or damage to your home, contents or both caused directly by an Insured event. Therefore if Loss or Damage does occur there is cover in place to repair or replace the Home.

How should you protect yourself?

Take out an Insurance policy to cover your assets.