What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance provides cover for any individual named on the policy travelling overseas or within Australia.

This means you’ll get protection from situations such as lost or stolen luggage, illness or injury experienced whilst overseas, medical expenses incurred during your travels, cancelled flights with fees, plus much more. Some policies provide travel insurance for income protection as well.

All this depends on the type and level of travel insurance cover you choose. Every travel insurance provider is different, so it’s important to seek the advice to find the right coverage you need for your travelling experience.

Many travel insurance providers have incentives to provide you with higher levels of cover that you simply might not need. At Adroit, we’re unbiased with no strings attached in all our insurance brokerage services. We’re your trusted travel insurance risk advisers in Australia who ensure you’re paying for travel insurance for the coverage that you really need – no more and no less.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone travelling overseas or within Australia should consider getting travel insurance to protect themselves from unexpected events.

Basics like unexpected delays or cancellation of flights,

Travel insurance protects you financially if travel plans are cancelled, if you have a medical emergency before travelling, or even while travelling. One of the biggest things to consider before travelling overseas is that your country’s healthcare is unlikely to cover you, so having travel insurance in place is very important.

Without the proper travel insurance you could be left severely out of pocket. With a bit of preparation upfront, you’ll find that having the right travel insurance can save you from many headaches and frustrations. Avoid unnecessary stress and get covered today with the help from Adroit’s leading team of risk advisers.

Speaking to your insurance broker and taking out a travel insurance policy is the best way to protect yourself. Our talented team will be able to work with you to make sure your policy is tailored to what you need for your trip.illness, injury, lost or stolen luggage, are among the first things to consider when getting protected with travel insurance.

In addition to this, you should look into whether you have any disabilities, medical conditions, or know of any other factors that may increase the likelihood of harm or risk whilst travelling.

The destination of where you’re travelling as well as the activities you’re planning to take part in also should play a part in deciding the type of cover you need. Certain travel destinations provide a higher risk for travellers than others, so we recommend gathering as much information with your insurance risk adviser about your travel plans as possible. High risk activities such as scuba diving, hiking, and even sky diving are definitely things that put you more at risk and will influence the requirements for your travel insurance cover.