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We will go above and beyond at our Wodonga office to assist you with claims against your company.

We have years of experience working with small business owners as local liability insurance experts in Wodonga. Using our extensive knowledge and connections, we are able to negotiate with the leading Australian insurance companies to ensure that you get fair coverage that is suitable for your financial situation or needs.

Our Wodonga team is dedicated and readily available to support you. Contact us today to get started on your products liability insurance.


At our Wodonga office, we provide top notch service, care and insurance solutions to our local clients. Contact an authorised representative at our Wodonga location today

Why Do I Need Liability Insurance for My Business Premises?

Products liability cover protects you and your business if someone makes a claim as a result of your products. Public liability insurance protects you and your company if there is a personal injury from a third party on your premises.

You should think about liability insurance if the chance of legal action against your business is highly likely.

Consider you have hundreds of customers visiting your Wodonga store each day, or you’re sole traders and involved in the production and distribution of your own products. Either way, we recommend getting product and public liability insurance for your businesses protection.

Adroit’s business insurance experts will discuss your legal liability as well as find affordable product and public liability cover that can protect your business activities. Contact us today for more information.

Insurance Products for Small Businesses in Wodonga

When you work with Adroit, you will be partnered with an experienced business insurance broker who will assist you in selecting the appropriate insurance policies and will take into account your risk profile, financial situation and particular objectives.

Our Wodonga insurance brokers will support your small business insurance needs from day one.

We’ll speak with you and take the time to fully comprehend your situation and risks. You’ll get more than just a business insurance broker; you’ll get an advocate who puts your needs first.

We provide a wide selection of commercial insurance plans, such as management liability, professional indemnity, and product and public liability coverage. Arrange a meeting with us to go over your options for business insurance.

Business Insurance Brokers Near Me in Wodonga

Our business insurance experts are conveniently located in Wodonga and provide quick, round-the-clock services when you need it most. We are always available to answer your questions, as there are no long wait times, and there are no call centres, so you don’t have to face the difficult business decisions alone.

Looking for a trustworthy product and public liability insurance provider in Wodonga? Our business insurance brokers will provide you with competitive rates on insurance products as well as exceptional attention to detail, allowing you to confidently face tomorrow knowing your company is protected.

Get product and public liability insurance with Adroit suitable for you. Get in touch with our professional insurance brokers today to get your business covered.

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