What is Corporate Travel Insurance?

Corporate Travel insurance covers you and your staff whilst undertaking work related travel – including overseas medical costs, lost luggage, canceled flights and more. Corporate Travel cover also can include protection for your staff if they happen to sustain injuries or expenses on accident but at their own fault – otherwise known as Personal Liability Travel Insurance.

Depending on the travel destination, duration of travel and stay, as well as many other factors, your Business and Corporate Travel Insurance requirements will vary, so it’s best to seek the advice of our insurance brokers at Adroit.

At Adroit, we’re your risk advisers dedicated to providing you with tailored Corporate or Business Travel Insurance options to consider for your business needs. Whatever your concerns may be whilst travelling for work and business, Adroit’s team of specialist insurance brokers will have useful, accurate, and professional insurance advice to help you make the smartest decisions.

What is Included in Corporate Travel Insurance?

  • Flight cancellations
  • Missed transport or transfers
  • Loss or delayed luggage while travelling
  • Interstate or overseas medical expenses
  • Lost deposits
  • Sustained personal injuries while travelling including sickness
  • Covers for rental vehicle excess
  • Identity theft or damages
  • Kidnap, ransom, extortions, etc.
  • The traveller is aged 75 or over
  • Have pre-existing medical conditions
  • Travelling against medical advice
  • The travel provider becomes insolvent

If you’re unsure about what cover you should be getting for your Business Travel Insurance, Adroit are your team of trusted risk advisers who will be able to provide the right information you’re looking for. With Adroit, you and your staff will be able to travel with minimised risk and support for whenever you need it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who travels overseas or interstate for business purposes, or has staff who travel for business purposes, should seek out corporate travel cover to protect their staff, themself, and their business. Investing in the right Corporate Insurance can protect your company from financial expenses caused by unexpected travel delays, sickness, injury, accidents, and more.

All employees, directors, and business owners will benefit from having tailored Corporate Travel Insurance. This includes businesses and companies that are

  • Small to medium sized businesses
  • Companies with several branch offices or locations
  • Multinational corporations

In some options, Corporate Business Travel Insurance may also provide protection for accompanying family members and partners.

While there isn’t legislation requiring you to obtain this cover, you do have a moral obligation to keep your staff safe – even while they are working outside of the office. By protecting yourself and your staff, you’re ensuring everyone’s looked after, including your business.

Corporate Insurance Travel cover also provides a safety net for any financial impacts or losses should you or any of your employees get negatively affected during their time of travel for work. This could mean getting protection for when flights get delayed, bookings for accommodation get cancelled, medical expenses, and much more.

At Adroit, we take the time to deeply understand your business, its challenges, goals and concerns. For bespoke Corporate Travel Insurance that meets your business needs, get in touch with the team at Adroit today.

Take control of the wellbeing of your staff by discussing the benefits of Corporate Travel cover for your business with one of our expert insurance brokers. Getting the right Business Travel Insurance cover for you and your employees means you’ll be in safe hands for when the unexpected strikes while travelling.

Adroit are your specialist risk advisors who’ll help you find and compare the most suitable range of Corporate Business Travel Insurance options for your business. We carefully assess all types of potential impacts you and your staff may experience while travelling for work, and tailor insurance options to your needs.