A business is only as good as the people behind it. So what happens when a business loses one of its key personnel? That’s where Key Person Insurance comes in handy.

What is Key Person cover?

Key Person Cover can protect a business if a crucial member of staff is unable to work due to serious illness, becomes permanently disabled or passes away. This insurance guarantees a lump sum payment to the business.

Who needs Key Person cover?

Businesses with personnel without whom the business cannot run day-to-day operations should seriously consider Key Person Cover.

Why you should protect your business?

By having Key Person Insurance, you’re ensuring your business has the funds to headhunt a replacement, pay down debt or simply replace lost profits.Protecting your business means protecting your profits and protecting your other staff members.

How can you protect yourself?

Our dedicated advisers assist you to determine whether you or your employees should be included in your policy package. We’ll do the hard work for you so you’re free to run your business, knowing you’re protected.