What is Management Liability insurance?

Management Liability cover aims to protect you and your business from a wide range of potentially devastating risks associated with managing a business.

Frequently asked questions

It’s not only the directors or CEOs of large public corporations who are exposed to personal liability for breaches of duties in the workplace. Management teams in smaller organisations are also exposed by breaches of responsibility.

No matter how slight the mistake may seem, it could seriously cost you. If your business is accused of breaching laws and regulations, unfairly dismisses an employee or faces workplace bullying or fraud allegations, your company could drastically suffer financially. But, it’s not always just the company that bears the brunt of the costs – you could be found personally liable as someone in a management position.

No matter how good your HR practices are, nothing can completely prevent the risk of employees lodging claims against your company. And managers will always have to make complex decisions with big impacts, but the reality is – people make mistakes. So it’s up to you to find a suitable policy that protects your business, your staff and yourself – and we can help.


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