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Victorian WorkCover Update

It’s that time of the year again and the yearly Vic WorkCover premium cycle is about to commence, please read below for all of the information you will need to know. Certificate of CurrencyIf there is no outstanding premium to pay on your WorkCover account, you can obtain a 2021/22 Certificate of Currency from the… Read more

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You did what? How to avoid payment redirection scams

Paying bills and invoices is a regular day-to-day operation of any business and for the most part a straightforward task. Yet for a growing number of Australian firms, this simple transaction has unwittingly led to unfortunate losses. Payment redirection scams cost local businesses $14 million last year, according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission,… Read more

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Flood: Are you prepared, and are you covered?

Weather forecasters were spot-on when they warned the flood-inducing La Nina climate pattern posed a key risk to parts of eastern Australia through the late summer and autumn. The “little girl” – as La Nina literally means in Spanish – struck with ferocity when it arrived in March. Thousands were forced to evacuate as days… Read more

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Adroit Insurance and Risk Community Update

2020 brought many challenges, including the interruption and cancellation of fundraising events across the world. Many community organisations and charities rely on these events to generate much needed funds for their programs and initiatives. The reduction in available funds was compounded by the demand increase due to COVID on the services provided by these charities… Read more

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Our top tips to help you to prepare for your insurance renewal..

In 2021 and beyond, the General Insurance market will see insurers closely analyse their underwriting results across all classes of Commercial Property and Public/Products Liability insurance. Insurers now have their focus firmly set on underwriting profitability not written premium volume due to an increase in catastrophe events, rising reinsurance costs and lower investment returns. With… Read more

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Adroit Insurance Market Update

Insurance is a hot topic for everyone right now with two big questions – Why is the price of my insurance going up? and Why am I having trouble finding insurance that suits my needs? Let’s investigate the factors that impact the Insurance Market and the effect it has on pricing and terms but most… Read more

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How to Protect Your ‘Work-From-Home’ Business in 2021

2020 was a tumultuous year for many business owners across Australia.  Among one of the stark changes that took hold across almost all businesses and industries was the bolstered shift to work-from-home arrangements.  With more companies embracing the new flexible working arrangements that working-from-home offers like SalesForce and Facebook, remote work – whether done entirely… Read more

Protect Your Work-From-Home Business
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A word from Managing Director, Fabian Pasquini..

The 2020 year has come to an end and like most businesses, we have had our set of challenges. COVID-19 has seen us shift our workforce of 140 plus people to work from home at a moment’s notice and rethink the way we operate. Who would have thought video conferencing would suddenly become the norm… Read more

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COVID 19 – Business Interruption Test Case..

In August 2020, the Insurance Council of Australia supported the commencement of a test case in the NSW Supreme Court to consider the application of Quarantine Act type exclusions in business interruption policies of the insurers HDI Global Specialty SE (HDI) and The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd (Hollard) as they applied to COVID-19. The… Read more

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Laundry a major cause of fires and water damage claims..

The household clothes dryer remains one of the most common causes of household fires, along with food left cooking on the stove. I was reminded of this due to an article I read on the News.com.au website. With the dryer, the issue is that lint builds up eventually overheating and catching fire. To greatly reduce… Read more