At Adroit Insurance & Risk, we are proud of our origins dating back to 1978 when a small broking business in Geelong was born.

Four decades later we have a network of approximately 130 ‘locals’ across 5 branches in regional Victoria, and a presence in Maryborough, Melbourne and Surfers Paradise. We service 20,000 clients, transacting premium of over $160 million per annum and manage on average 1490 claims per month.

In 2018, we rebranded from Adroit Insurance Group to Adroit Insurance & Risk. This incredibly important evolution highlights our uniqueness. We are so much more than Brokers; we are dedicated risk advisers truly invested in our clients’ worlds.

We attribute our success to the following way we work:

• Immerse ourselves. It’s critical that we spend time in our client’s world. We do all we can to understand their business, their environment, their goals, their needs and their uniqueness.

• Tailor insurance and advice. We combine the insights we gain with our industry knowledge and experience to tailor advice and solutions specifically to our clients and their risk profile. This process is efficient and effective, encompassing everything they need – and nothing they don’t.

• Develop partnerships. We commit to being available and responsive so our clients feel confident and empowered to take on tomorrow.

In 2019 our parent company, AUB Group Ltd an ASX listed company transacting more than $4.4 billion in GWP, took majority ownership. We enjoy the benefit of being backed by AUB as this enables us to remain agile enough to give our clients personalised service, but large enough to command leverage in our market and create strong outcomes.

Our network continued to grow as we welcomed Artery in 2022, Adroit Transport and Plus Insure in 2023 to the family. 2023 also saw Adroit Insurance & Risk join the Insurance Advisernet (IA) network to move under their license and adopt their operating system.

As with all good stories evolution is key. We can’t wait to see what is next in store for Adroit and we are excited you are here for the ride.