What is Trauma Insurance cover?

Trauma insurance provides a lump sum of money in the event that you develop what is deemed a critical illness or suffer a traumatic event.

Frequently asked questions

In general, cancer is the major cause of claims related to trauma insurance, followed by heart issues and strokes, as well as up to 40 other traumatic events. If you have a family history of these illnesses or simply want the assurance that you’re financially protected should they arise, Trauma Insurance will provide you with a lump sum payment.

Traumas or critical illnesses come with financial burdens, in the form of medical costs or time being taken off work. When you’re potentially fighting for your life, the last thing you or your loved ones want to be worried about are finances. Protecting yourself means one less burden to carry should you need it.

Our dedicated advisers will work alongside you to make sure you have the right cover that meets your needs and provides the options that work for you. They will ensure you fully understand your cover, and do the hard work for you – leaving you to live your life with one less thing to worry about.