What is TPD cover?

In the event you are unlikely to be able to return to work ever again, TPD guarantees you will receive a lump sum payout to help cover the cost of rehabilitation, debt repayments and future cost of living.

Frequently asked questions

TPD is something for people who want peace of mind through knowing they will have a lump sum payment to help relieve financial pressure during a difficult time. This can help take care of loved ones, eliminate outstanding debt or assist with medical bills.

It’s important to take whatever steps you can to protect yourself and your loved ones from life’s unexpected events. Having TPD cover means knowing that even if you’re unable to work again, you’ll have sufficient funds to extinguish any outstanding debt or medical bills, moving you towards your new lifestyle.

Our dedicated advisers will work with you to make sure your policy package is exactly what you need it to be. While you can’t predict the future, we can help make sure you’re protected for anything that comes your way.