Why a Plumber’s Business Needs Insurance

If you have a plumbing business, working in people’s homes, offices or other places including building sites means you face many hazards including working at heights, lifting heavy, awkward objects, working in confined spaces that cause uncomfortable postures, to name only a few.

No matter which category you’re in, you need the best plumbers business insurance cover that’s right for you. Adroit Insurance and Risk brokers are the professionals you can trust to help you protect your plumbing business at every step.

Common Risks Faced By Plumbing Businesses

  • Negligence compensation claims
  • Personal injury/illness
  • Loss of income/reputation
  • Client or employee injury/illness
  • Damage to business buildings/equipment due to damage, fire, flood, theft

What Insurance Do Plumbers Need?

The insurance you need as a plumbijg business may vary but you might find the following guide useful:
With Adroit by your side, you can concentrate more on growing your plumbing business and less on the challenges and risks that could hold you back

Any vehicle that uses the roads in Australia must be registered and insured with Comprehensive Third Party or CTP insurance to cover personal injury or any injury to another party arising out from a road accident.

In most states in Australia, your business will need public liability insurance before you will be granted your plumbing licence. Even if you are subcontracting to a builder, another plumbing company or sole trader plumber you might still be held responsible should someone make a claim.

Without tools and equipment, you can’t work, and if yours are damaged or stolen, you bear the cost of replacing or repairing them, so tool insurance is a must for any plumber.

As a sole trader, you can’t take paid sick leave so taking out this insurance policy is a wise move to protect your income.

In NSW, sole traders with a plumbing business must hold this insurance to protect themselves in case of injury or disability. If your business employs staff, you must have this insurance cover in case workers are injured.

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At Adroit, we know the risks you take as a plumber and we’re nimble enough to offer a personalised service with the right biz insurance to our plumbing company clients at competitive rates. And we’re big enough to deliver the strongest outcomes.

We have studied the plumbing industry ourselves and sd know all about the insurance needs of plumbers working in all fields.

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