Brett Dunlop

Brett Dunlop

With an extensive tenure nearing the four decade mark within the insurance industry, Brett possesses an intricate understanding of the field that few can match. As a Senior Risk Adviser his expertise spans a diverse array of business products, catering to clients of varying sizes and industries, including Construction, Retail, IT, and Manufacturing, including tailored programs for Narellan Pool franchises around Australia.

Brett thrives on the intricacies of his role, finding fulfillment in the art of tailored insurance programs. Whether it’s for new clients embarking on their insurance journey or existing ones seeking refinements, Brett revels in the challenge of finding the optimal solutions. His dedication to this task is rooted not only in his insurance knowledge but also in his genuine passion for building strong relationships.

One of Brett’s true joys lies in the connections he forms. His interactions extend beyond clients to encompass underwriters and the dedicated staff at Adroit throughout regional Victoria. Brett’s extensive experience and innate ability to connect and understand clients’ needs position him as a respected expert within the insurance realm.

AR No.: 1302138

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