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Are you ready to travel for business again?

  • Adroit Insurance and Risk
  • December 21, 2021

As Australian states and territories reopen to the world (and each other) and the pandemic restrictions are gradually lifted, it might be time for you to start thinking about travel again.

We’ve all been cramming in meetings with clients, sorting out issues and running our businesses via Zoom for more than a year.

But those strange and challenging times appear to be drawing to a close, paving the way for corporate travel to resume soon.

So as your business gets ready to return to the world of routine face-to-face meetings, it’s crucial that you do not overlook one essential part of your preparations: travel insurance.

Travel insurance should not be treated as an afterthought, or even as dispensable. The earlier you have it arranged, the better protected your business will be should unforeseen events occur. Think trip delays or flight cancellations – the next year or two is going to have some rough edges to it for travellers.

Last-minute trip changes usually come at a cost. So what happens if you’re not able to get a refund for that pre-booked accommodation or air ticket?

Okay, you’re now wondering what could possibly go wrong. You’ve planned the trip and paid the money, but what happens if, say, there is an air controllers’ strike or a natural disaster just days before you’re scheduled to leave? Or if an employee loses a company laptop or falls ill and needs hospitalisation? Or there’s a resurgence of a new COVID variant in another country where your employee has travelled to, leaving them stranded indefinitely?

Having the right travel insurance policy will protect your business against financial losses caused by a wide range of risk scenarios before, during or even after a trip.

Corporate travel insurance is designed to protect employers and employees travelling intrastate, interstate and abroad for business.

While policies vary, many will provide cover for emergency overseas medical and evacuation expenses, a 24-hour support hotline as well as loss of deposit and cancellation expenses. Lost, stolen or damaged baggage, personal injury and sickness while travelling, political and natural disaster evacuation and rental vehicle excess waiver are usually covered too.

With many types of corporate travel insurance to choose from, it’s important that you have the right policy for your business travel. As rules are constantly changing because of the pandemic, keeping up with the latest updates is going to be important.

But fret not. We are here to help you navigate safely in a world still grappling with COVID-related risks. Polices can be arranged to suit the specific needs of your business, so give us a call. Talk to us long before you plan to hop on the plane or hit the road, and we’ll get it all sorted out for you.



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