Why should you protect your business?

Hardware stores face a wide variety of risks each day. Injury to a member of the public can occur in so many ways, it can result in negative media and significant costs to the business. We have seen customer injury incidents resulting from poor traffic management and lack of signage in busy car parks, falling stock, which has been stored incorrectly, or wet floors after watering plants in the garden section. Injury claims can also extend to employees and develop into WorkCover problems for the business. With millions of dollars in assets and stock, property damage remains one of the greatest risks faced by a hardware store. Fire from poorly stored timbers, water damage to stock from burst water pipes or significant rainfall as well as malicious damage to property and theft of stock by criminals are just some of the incidents we have seen occur.

Loss of ongoing revenue is also a serious risk to the business and can occur after a major event such as a fire. Following a fire, clearing the site, rebuilding the property, restocking the shelves and finding new employees can take many months and, in some cases, even years. Without revenue protection insurance, many businesses fail to survive even though they have all the right property insurance in place.

What is unique to Adroit’s offer?

Our expertise results from many years dealing with claims for the hardware industry. This knowledge allows us to be true risk advisers to your business. We are here to help you identify potential problems and prevent claims from occurring. As for the risks that cannot be prevented, we can help design a tailored insurance solution. As industry specialists, we have developed exclusive policy coverage benefits for our clients and our large portfolio across Australia gives us the buying power to deliver discounted prices.

How can you protect yourself?

Our specialist team are ready to help protect your business, contact our office today for further details.