Why an Electrician Business Needs Insurance

No electrician sole trader, subcontractor, small business or major business owner should work without a public liability insurance policy. If you’re working in the auto industry, building, or an engineering company without public liability insurance you could be personally responsible for any damage to property or injury to someone.

Also, as an electrician or contractor, you need a certificate of currency for public liability cover or you won’t be allowed on a worksite.

If something goes wrong, the repercussions can be extremely serious. That’s why you must have electrician business insurance to cover you for public liability. Other specialist insurance policies such as electrical damage insurance, e.g. for your electrician company or biz is recommended

Common Risks Faced By Electricians

  • Personal injury/illness
  • Malpractice lawsuits
  • Loss of income and reputation
  • Employee or client injury/illness/fatality
  • Damage to clients’ premises
  • Damage to equipment from fire, flood, robbery, electrical surge etc.

What Insurance Does an Electrician Business Need?

Electricians need more than just public liability insurance and these include:
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Protects you against costly damages claims caused by your work. This includes interruption to someone’s business due to electricity supply interruptions, liability and vicarious liability for subcontractors.

If you provide professional advice, or you make mistakes in designs or specifications, project management or contract administration, you need this insurance.

Protects you when damage or injury is caused due to products you’ve manufactured, supplied or repaired.

Also called tools cover, or electrical equipment insurance, this insures against damage to or loss of equipment like tools, stock, computers, vehicles etc.

Other supplemental insurances for electricians include biz pack, marine cargo, contracts, electrical workers insurance and workers compensation for personal accident and sickness.

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