Why Civil Contractors Need Insurance

Civil construction is the creation of infrastructure around anything to do with earth, water, or transport. It involves design, construction and maintenance of environments like buildings, subdivisions, roads, railways, bridges, airports, reservoirs, sewer systems, dams and tunnels.

Civil contractors generally use expensive, heavy plant and equipment and without insurance the risks of damage, loss and user injury are enormous.

Common Risks That Can be Protected With Insurance

  • Worker and third-party injury
  • Faulty work and failed deadlines
  • Equipment theft and damage
  • Seasonal lags

What Types of Insurance do Civil Contractors Need?

Civil contractor insurance is needed since you are in essence self-employed, with many responsibilities. You may need several different kinds of insurance, some of which include:
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This is the most important insurance for you because you are responsible for your actions. If your negligence results in property damage or personal injury, you are liable.

As an essentially self-employed worker, you probably don’t have sick leave, and depending on your business structure and your state, you don’t even have workers’ compensation cover.

Contractors generally enter into contracts with large companies with lawyers who design contracts that shift responsibility from them and onto you. You need insurance to counter this.

Tool insurance is not obligatory for tradies but it’s certainly wise. And construction companies depend on heavy machinery, materials, equipment etc., so theft or failure can derail a project.

This protects motorised equipment that moves but isn’t registered and doesn’t go on the road. Such as bobcats, telehandlers, cranes, and bulldozers.

This insurance protects you against loss or damage at the site, legal responsibilities for on-site injuries, products and materials in transit, and against builders bankruptcy.

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When building or renovating, you can’t insure the structure as an existing building so you need a construction and builders policy to protect your investment.

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