Why Concreters Need Insurance

Concreters need the best insurance to cover themselves against risk. Consider the risks of injuring someone or yourself, damaging property and losing all the tools of your trade. You could be up for millions in damages if you’re not insured.

Common Risks Faced by Concreters

  • Negligence
  • Equipment theft
  • Injury, to you, a member of the public or employee – or a death
  • Wet and slippery floors a hazard for a client or building inspectors
  • Property damage on a construction site.
  • Loss of cement etc through wastage or theft.

What Insurance Do Concreters Need?

There are four main types of insurance cover for concreters, public liability, income protection, tool insurance and personal injury. Any business employing staff must have workers compensation insurance by law, others include:
With Adroit at your side, you can focus more on growing your business and less on the risks and challenges that could be holding you back.

Covers your costs if your business activities result in property damage or personal injury to someone. Insurance claims can range from a few hundred dollars for a broken window, to millions if your work results in death.

Pouring concrete exposes you to injury and if you run a business or work as a subbie you’re ineligible for sick leave and possibly worker’s compensation. Income protection can cover you for up to 75 per cent of your wages if you can’t work due to injury or ill-health.

Without tools, you can’t work, so this insurance is a must. Make sure your insurance covers you for all your tools and vehicle.

This covers you for income loss, permanent disability and death if you can’t work due to injury or illness.

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At Adroit, we are nimble enough to offer biz insurance to our concreter clients at an affordable rate and as a truly personal service – and we’re big enough to deliver strong outcomes for you. We have deep knowledge of the insurance needs of concreters and our teams are skilled, specialised and resourceful. We make sure you are informed and protected in every situation.
As a concreter, an insurance risk adviser’s industry knowledge is vital to your business.
Adroit can help you eliminate hassle, save time and streamline any claims processing.

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The information provided here is general and should not be relied upon as professional advice. For tailored advice and custom insurance cover for yourself and your business, contact us at Adroit Insurance to discuss your circumstances and concreter insurance needs and ask for a quote today.