Why Earth Moving Businesses Need Insurance

If you run an earthmoving business, protecting your assets with the best earth moving insurance is a priority to protect profits, valuable plant and equipment, clients, staff and the general public.
But there are some subtle differences. Whether you manipulate a drott, operate an excavator, or drive a bobcat in Australia, you need the best earthmoving insurance.


Common Risks That Can Be Protected With Insurance

  • Damage to your earthmoving machinery
  • Damage to plant, property, the public
  • Injury to yourself or a third person.
  • Interruption to the building site
  • Theft, loss of heavy machinery or equipment
  • Slips, trips and fall injury

What Insurance Do Earth Moving Businesses Need?

Earthmovers operating large machinery have significant liability risks so it’s vital for operator and equipment safety, and financial security that they have proper insurance coverage.

At Adroit, we build real relationships with our clients.
We spend time in your working world, understand your business, goals and your challenges to tailor earth moving insurance options at great rates for you.

This cover protects you and your biz if it’s proven that your negligence has led to a person being injured or killed, or that their property has been damaged.

If you are injured at work and need medical treatment and income support you need to have this insurance.

Excavation work is highly risky so you must have the appropriate and adequate coverage to protect your company.

Commercial motor insurance helps you as a business owner cover any costs that may arise from accidental damage or theft of biz vehicles.

Otherwise known as unregistered plant and machinery cover, this insurance protects motorised equipment like bobcats, cranes, bulldozers; and equipment that doesn’t go on the road.

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Size does count and we have the agility to offer you a truly personalised service. We’re also big enough to provide the results needed for companies or small businesses.

Our skill in many industries is deep and wide, and our risk advisers statewide have abundant local knowledge. Our earthmoving insurance brokers make sure you get the cover you need.
With an Adroit expert at your side, we can say goodbye to hassles, save you time and make the claims process seamless.

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