Why Physio Businesses Need Insurance

There are risks associated with any kind of medical treatment. If one of your physio clients made allegations that your intervention made their health or condition worse, you could be the one in worse pain – financial and reputational. You need insurance for physiotherapy practices to cover all bases.
A big insurance claim could bring your physio practice to a sudden halt.

And this means that physios are not immune from the same risks as any small business or large concern that deals with the public, so insurance for physiotherapy practice is vital.

Common Risks Faced By Physios

  • Employee or client injury/illness
  • Personal injury/illness
  • Malpractice claims
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of reputation
  • Damage to the building, surgery or equipment due to fire, flood, robbery

What Insurance Do Physios Need?

As a physiotherapist, you work hard every day to help your patients who trust you to give them the care they need. You also need to keep your small business and personal wellness in mind, and if something goes wrong, you need the following insurance cover:
With Adroit at your side, you can focus more on growing your physiotherapy business and less on the challenges and risks that could hold you back.

You can’t practice as a registered physiotherapist unless you have this insurance since it is mandatory, according to the Physiotherapy Board of Australia.

If a visitor or client slipped and fell in your business premises and sustained an injury, this policy would cover any claims for compensation. The financial impact of such a claim, while rare, could be devastating for your physio practice.

This policy protects your biz, building, equipment, and assets if damaged or destroyed e.g. in a storm, fire, though theft and other insured events. Biz interruption is also covered to protect lost revenue if you can’t operate your physiotherapy practice.

Protect your valuable, private client data and personal information with this cover.

Any products supplied or sold by your business or practice carry a risk of third party injury or damage claims.

These insurance policies can cover court costs and legal defence which would help your physiotherapy business deal with the financial drains of defending a claim.

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Why Choose Adroit?

Our reason for being at Adroit is to help our clients work every day with self-assurance. Our insurance professionals have got your back so you can focus on making your physiotherapy practice the best it can be.

We build real, personal relationships. We spend time in your environment, understand your business, your challenges and goals to gain insights and solutions and advice tailored for you.
As a physiotherapist, an insurance risk adviser’s industry knowledge is vital to your biz.
Adroit can help you eliminate hassle, save time and streamline any claims processing.

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The information provided here is general and should not be relied upon as professional advice. For tailored advice and custom insurance cover for yourself and your physiotherapy practice, contact us at Adroit Insurance today to discuss your circumstances and physiotherapy business insurance needs and ask for quotes.