Why Tourism Businesses Need Insurance

If you run a tour guide business and you don’t have tourist bus insurance you could be liable if you have an accident. Any tourist operator, especially involving high risk, could quickly find their dream turned into a nightmare without adventure tourism insurance.

That’s why as a tourism business in the high risk or even lower risk categories you need risk management advice and insurance from Adroit when it comes to safety for your business and clients.

Common Risks Faced By Tourism Businesses

  • Malpractice/negligence lawsuits
  • Personal injury/illness
  • Loss of income/business reputation
  • Employee, customer or injury/illness to a member of the public
  • Damage to commercial building/equipment/cars or other vehicles due to fire, flood, theft

What Insurances Do Tourism Businesses Need?

Apart from CTP insurance for car registrations, tourism operators need the following cover:
At Adroit, we’ve been delivering services and insurance solutions for tourism operators in Australia for many years, developing an in-depth understanding of the risks you’re faced with in the tourism industry.

This protects your tourism business against claims of property damage or personal injury arising from your business. It also covers you if a client is injured by a product you supply or sell.

This insurance covers your business, building and contents, equipment and assets against certain unexpected events such as fire, theft, storm damage etc. Management liability covers you for alleged or actual mismanagement of your tourism biz

This protects all your computer system or network’s data, tourist and client information, bank details etc., against hackers and other cyber threats.

In Australia, anyone operating any kind of small business or large company in any industry including tourism – in NSW even sole traders – must legally have this insurance.

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Why Choose Adroit?

At Adroit we work with you to find the right insurance for your tourism business. We’ve worked with a host of companies in the tourism industry and we know exactly what kind of cover will suit you best and at the best rates.

Our team of risk advisors nearby at Adroit are the experts to trust for the best insurance protection and tailored policies for your tourist biz.
You can rely on your Adroit insurance risk adviser to help ensure your tourist company can operate successfully, even if an unfortunate and costly incident looks like closing it.

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The information provided here is general in nature and should not be relied upon as professional advice. For customised services, advice and insurance policies for yourself and your tourism business, contact us at Adroit Insurance to discuss your needs and ask for a quote today.