Protecting your personal assets and family is paramount in everyone’s life, however quite often we protect our home, contents, car and other belongings, but forget that we need to protect our life and those of our family.

Having a good risk management and financial plan is vital and it is important to seek professional help in these areas. We have partnered with the ABFS Group whose advisers are able to give advice and guidance through the provision of investment, superannuation and insurance strategies, covering your current needs, your intended retirement and everything in between.

The advisers at ABFS can assist you with advice for yourself and your family, your business, superannuation advice, and assistance with setting up an estate or business succession plan that meets your goals and objectives.


Not only do Adroit act as our advocate and expert on behalf of us they have ensured we have a breadth of insurance and an understanding of how to leverage our insurance to maximize our benefit. Their vast knowledge over all our policies constantly surprise us as to where we can cover and the terms of contracts we employ.

Lyn George


Austeng Geelong