Anthony DiFiore

Anthony DiFiore

Professional Risks Manager

03 9816 2112

0427 290 334

At the heart of Anthony’s expertise lies a specialization in Professional Risks policies, a realm that encompasses a wide spectrum ranging from Professional Indemnity to Management Liability, Crime, and Cyber coverage. His adeptness within this domain allows him to provide comprehensive protection and tailored solutions to a diverse clientele.

The insurance industry holds a myriad of delights for Anthony, from the camaraderie he shares with his colleagues to the ever-evolving landscapes presented by clients spanning various industries. Anthony finds solace in the continuous journey of personal development, constantly refining his skills and knowledge to better serve his clients. However, it’s the impactful moments that truly resonate with him – the satisfaction of ensuring a seamless claims process and witnessing a claim being paid out to a client in their time of need stands as a pinnacle of fulfillment in Anthony’s career.

Anthony’s dedication to his profession, coupled with his ability to foster meaningful connections, positions him as an invaluable asset within the insurance landscape. His commitment to serving his clients’ best interests and providing reassurance during times of uncertainty underscores the genuine impact he makes in the lives of those he serves.

AR No.: 1302262

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