Carly Hibbins

Carly Hibbins

With over a decade of experience in the Insurance industry, she has experience with larger SME to mid-market risks. She enjoys the challenges of a diverse range of clients, rather than focusing on one main industry and working alongside underwriting partners to tailor solutions specific to her client’s needs.

Carly has recently moved into the role of Managing Principal. Her fascination with People and Culture has found a perfect outlet in this role, where she skillfully blends her interests into daily operations.

Carly’s enthusiasm for learning is unwavering, and she thrives in an industry that constantly evolves. No matter the niche, Carly is always eager to absorb new knowledge and stay at the forefront of developments.

Carly actively contributes to Adroit’s community events like Run Ballarat and golf days. Carly’s dedication extends beyond her workplace, reflecting her commitment to both her colleagues and the broader community.

AR No.: 1302153

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