Chantelle Bunning

Chantelle Bunning

Chantelle, an accomplished Risk Adviser at the Ballarat branch, draws upon over 18 years of expertise in the industry. Her specialization lies in SMEs, with a sharp focus on Retail, Office, Trades and Not For Profit organisations. Within these sectors, Chantelle adeptly navigates complexities, to offer invaluable risk management insights.

Chantelle thrives on challenging risk cover cases, that demand creative solutions. Her dedication to clients’ well-being fuels her strategic approach, resulting in successful outcomes that reflect her commitment.

Beyond her professional role, Chantelle assumes the role of Deputy Chair on the Board of Directors for the esteemed Ballarat Business Centre ( Her influential contributions bolster the centre’s mission of promoting local business growth.

Chantelle’s selfless endeavors are equally impressive. Her involvement extends to local schools, where she cooks meals for families or individuals in need, and supports the Sebastopol Primary School breakfast club, exemplifying her dedication to community welfare.

Chantelle’s journey is a harmonious blend of professional and community-driven excellence.

AR No.: 321525

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