David Edwards

David Edwards

David’s genuine passion for offering reassurance and support during moments of uncertainty resonates deeply with him. His innate ability to connect with individuals from all walks of life invigorates him, making each interaction a unique opportunity to create meaningful connections.

Within the realm of business, David has honed his skills in identifying novel avenues for growth. His specialization in cultivating fresh ventures and tailoring solutions has propelled not-for-profit organizations and franchise businesses toward newfound success.

However, David’s involvement isn’t confined solely to the professional sphere. Embracing a strong sense of community, he actively contributes to the betterment of his surroundings. As the Board Chair of the East Point Football Netball Club, he lends his expertise to enhance governance ,growth and values. Additionally, David extends his role as mentor to the Ballarat Bulldogs All Abilities Football Netball Club showcasing his commitment to local sport. This is also continued as the key coordinator of the Adroit Ballarat fundraising Golf Days.

David’s multifaceted engagement underscores his belief in the power of collaboration and the ripple effect it can create. Whether orchestrating business strategies or shaping community initiatives, his unwavering dedication leaves an indelible mark on the lives he touches.

AR No.: 1302144

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