Leanne Fankhauser

Leanne Fankhauser

With over three decades of industry acumen, Leanne stands as a seasoned and respected risk adviser, honing her expertise in the intricate domains of Retail Business, Tradesman, and Construction Insurance. Leanne’s journey is defined not just by her wealth of experience, but by her unique ability to foster robust connections with clients, allowing her to gain a comprehensive grasp of their businesses.

At the core of Leanne’s successful career lies her commitment to building enduring relationships. This has been the linchpin to her accomplishments, enabling her to truly understand her clients’ distinct needs and tailor her risk advisory services accordingly. Leanne’s dedication to forming these meaningful partnerships is a testament to her client-centric approach, ensuring that her guidance is not only relevant but also deeply impactful.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Leanne’s devotion to her local community shines through. Her affiliation with the Central Goldfields Business Group reflects her genuine belief in the power of community support. Through her actions, Leanne demonstrates that her commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond the realms of her career, creating a ripple effect that echoes throughout her community.

AR No.: 1302179

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