Nick Baker

Nick Baker

Senior Risk Adviser / Director

03 5434 3621

0457 900 832

In the capacity of Senior Risk Adviser, Nick’s role extends far beyond mere transactions – it delves deep into the realm of relationships. With an unwavering understanding of the pivotal role that connections play, Nick has honed the art of forging meaningful bonds that transcend the confines of business.

Within the intricate tapestry of Business Insurance, Nick has emerged as an expert, finely tuned to the complexities that lie within. He has an affinity for complex business risks and he revels in the challenges that demand both time and meticulous attention to detail.

However, Nick’s reach extends beyond the boardroom. His commitment to community finds expression through active roles in regional sports clubs. At the Golden Square Football and Netball club, as well as the Strathdale Maristians Cricket Club, Nick dons the hat of a committee member, exemplifying his dedication to fostering growth and camaraderie in the local sporting fabric.

AR No.: 1302175

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