Steve Callahan

Steve Callahan

Senior Risk Adviser

03 5174 5750

With an impressive span of three decades immersed in the realm of Business Insurance, Steve’s journey reflects a reservoir of expertise across every facet of the field. While his proficiency extends to various sectors, he finds a special affinity for SME and Farm Insurance offerings. This specialized focus allows him to bring his wealth of experience to bear on the intricate needs of these clients, fostering a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Steve’s journey through the years has been marked by significant challenges, including the daunting Ash Wednesday and Black Saturday Bushfires. Yet, amidst these trials, he has witnessed the true essence of insurance spring to life – a testament to its design and purpose. For Steve, the sight of insurance functioning seamlessly during times of crisis is a poignant reminder of the crucial role he plays in his clients’ lives.

What brings Steve the greatest sense of fulfillment is his ability to be a beacon of support when clients find themselves in dire circumstances. The gratification derived from helping clients navigate through their most challenging moments is immeasurable. It’s this genuine desire to be a steadfast ally in times of need that drives Steve’s commitment to his craft and underscores the profound impact he makes in the lives of those he serves.

AR No.: 1302190

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