Why should you protect your business?

Supermarkets are faced with high levels of foot traffic, making “slip and fall” claims an ongoing source of public liability claims. Food spoilage is also a significant risk and can result from faulty refrigeration units, loss of power, fire, water damage or malicious damage. We have unfortunately seen several stores burnt to the ground which resulted in a loss of the entire property, stock and all future revenue; as well as loss of ongoing employment for staff.

More recently, the rise in cigarette prices has seen a spike in “smash and grabs” by criminals causing expensive structural damage to stores; not to mention added security costs such as bollards, CCTV, roller shutters and security alarms. As cyber criminals become more active all retail operators are at risk of cyber-attacks, such as “point of sale attacks” where criminals steal customer credit card details and sell them on the dark web.

What is unique to Adroit’s offer?

Our extensive knowledge of the risks you face and our many years dealing with supermarket claims has allowed us to develop a policy which is tailored specifically to your needs. The policy coverage and pricing we have negotiated is exclusive to Adroit clients. Our policy includes theft cover which extends to cigarettes and liquor, burglary, property damage cover which extends to glass breakage as well as “smash and grabs”. Our crime cover includes theft from employees, we also have an innovative cyber offer to protect against this new age crime.

How can you protect yourself?

Speak to an Adroit Risk Adviser today to develop the right insurance protection for your MGA store.