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What Insurances Do I Need To Open A Business?

  • Adroit Insurance and Risk
  • May 23, 2022

All businesses need insurance, but there isn’t a one-size-fits all policy for all corporations, organizations and small enterprises. And the cover needed for your new business will be different from the cover necessary for a business in another industry or even in your own sector.  

There are also multiple factors involved in each different business. That’s why at Adroit Insurance & Risk, our brokers will go to your workplace and watch how it operates to get a solid idea of the risks you face every day. Knowing how your business functions from day to day gives us the information we need to tailor coverage especially for you.  


Biz Insurance Factors to Consider 

The factors we take into account when designing your business insurance include the kind of industry you operate in, its location, the size of your business and how many workers you employ. A physiotherapist will have a much different risk profile to a plumber, large factory, or restaurant. 

Before you dive in and buy insurance for your business, you need to decide on what you need and want you must have by law.  This is where Adroit brokers are vital to your success. We help you evaluate your needs and legal obligations to carve out policies that are appropriate for your business, large or small.

When opening a business for the first time, operators are vulnerable and may be just one insurance claim away from an early demise, so call us today.  

What Kind of Insurance Does a New Business Need? 

Every single small to medium sized business in Australia – and there are millions of them – is different to the next and each one will have different needs. However, most experts suggest insuring your property and assets, include business interruption cover, public and product liability risks, plus workers compensation if you have employees when starting a business. All businesses have some level of liability, and more so if they deal with clients or customers, which means 99.9 per cent of them have risks.

So, public and product liability cover is a must and, in some cases, legally required. An interruption to your business activities can be costly to the point of ruination for some new businesses, so this type of insurance is also a must-have to protect profits or stay afloat. 

Cyber liability insurance is also recommended  now with businesses having an online presence in some form or other, especially tech businesses. 

What Insurance Do I Need Legally? 

Suppose you’re opening a new business where you will have contractual responsibilities to customers or obligations as a professional association or board member.

In cases such as these, you need management or professional liability insurance, workers’ compensation or other types of cover in place to meet legislative requirements.  Talk to an Adroit broker to find out precisely what your particular business needs to meet these legal obligations. 

Business Insurance Packages

Insurers will often offer small to medium-sized enterprises the opportunity to bundle their policies into a business package. Sector-specific businesses or organisations in any of the countless industries in Australia need custom insurance to cover their needs. 

Suppose your new business is in the trades sector. If you’re a commercial landlord or provide professional services or advice, you will need a different business package tailored for your competition down the street. Business packages can cover many risks including cyber liability and are often more affordable than separate coverages.

What Insurance Do I Need to Protect My Assets?

Your vital business assets include your property or premises, products, stock, and technical equipment such as computers or machinery. Without these assets, your business would not be operable, so they need insurance cover.   

If your new business provides electrical or plumbing services, even garden maintenance, hospitality or health, insuring your assets and stock is crucial since you are highly unlikely to run a business without equipment, a vehicle or premises. So apart from public and product liability and workers comp, you’d need commercial property insurance to cover storm, fire or malicious damage—also, coverage for your equipment, business interruption and income protection.

Insurance to Protect Your Profits

Protecting your cash flow and profits can mean the difference between having a business to run or going broke. Business interruption insurance can cover your company’s cash flow and your income. This insurance can pay your ongoing expenses like rent, mortgage, supplier invoices, loan repayments, utility costs etc., so your business won’t fail. While the problem is rectified and your premises can reopen. 

Your trade would be severely affected if your shop front or restaurant was without power for extended periods if a cyclone or storm hit, and it took a week to repair any damage and restore utilities. Your takings could take a hit for weeks. 

What Does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

Being sued for negligence is hugely expensive and the unpredictability of it happening means you can never feel safe without public liability cover. Should your new business be found liable for costs related to legal action against you for negligence, public liability insurance can cover your costs and damages.  The cover also includes any loss or damage to the person’s property or economic or financial losses due to your alleged business negligence. 

Public liability insurance is mandatory in some sectors or industries, and you cannot conduct your business without it. A business arranging pop festivals, sports events, even art exhibitions, shows, and other organisations like engineering firms cannot legally operate without public liability coverage.  

What Does Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover?

If your new business provides a professional service or gives clients or other companies or people advice, you need professional indemnity insurance. For instance, accountants, medicos, real estate agents, and financial advisors risk allegations against them that they need to defend in the courts.  

Professional indemnity insurance may cover the costs if a business owner is found negligent in their operations, breach their duty of care, omit vital information in their professional advice or service, or makes errors that lead to a client or other business’ financial loss. 

What Does Commercial Motor Insurance Cover?

If you have a vehicle or more than one used to carry on your business, you will need commercial motor insurance. These cars may include trucks, utes, buses, vans for carrying goods, or sedans to visit clients, e.g. You can choose the level of cover you need. Still, a commercial motor policy usually offers added benefits such as no windscreen excess and cover for expensive key and lock replacement.

Your car or fleet of business vehicles must also have third-party personal injury insurance cover, also called a Green Slip or Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance, by law. The CTP insurance provider for individuals and businesses in New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia is QBE.

What Does Workers Comp Insurance Cover?

Anyone running a business in Australia will find some legally required insurance covers necessary before they can operate. One of these is Workers’ Compensation Insurance which is compulsory if you employ staff.  

Should a work-related accident, illness or injury cause a worker unfit to carry out their duties, work, health and safety legislation requires certain actions. The worker must be offered first aid, medical treatment if necessary and workers compensation/rehabilitation to return to their job. 

Talk to an expert broker at Adroit

As business insurance experts, Adroit insurance brokers can find the right insurance policies that best meet your business needs. As committed, licensed and experienced professionals, our brokers serve as intermediaries between business owners and insurance companies to negotiate insurance policies and contracts. 

Our brokers are trusted advisers offering risk management for business and helping those who operate in niche sectors with coverage needs that may not be included in a business package—for instance, a 24/7 truck stop, roadhouse or holiday resort. For all your business insurance needs, contact Adroit today on  03 5221 6644 or email geelong@adroit.com.au.

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