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Why Do You Need Medical Indemnity Insurance?

  • Adroit Insurance and Risk
  • June 6, 2017

Medical Indemnity Insurance is more than a compulsory condition of registration for all medical practitioners in Australia – it’s imperative to keep you safe.

As a doctor, your Medical Indemnity Insurance covers both you and your patients if something potentially goes wrong during a medical procedure or whilst in medical care resulting in harm to a patient


What is Medical Indemnity Insurance?

Medical Indemnity Insurance protects health professionals and establishments financially in situations where services provided cause illness, injury, financial loss, or any other form of harm through negligence or omission of healthcare services.

It includes protection from things such as defamation, loss or damage to important documents, breaches of duty, among many others.

Whether you’re after medical indemnity insurance for doctors or for other healthcare specialisations, Adroit is where you’ll find covers and policies suited to your needs.


Why Are Professional Indemnity Insurance For Doctors and Medical Practitioners Needed?

All health practitioners and establishments in Australia are required by law to have insurance that covers their field of practice. Professional indemnity insurance for doctors and medical practitioners will vary, so it’s important to understand what cover you and/or your establishment needs for optimal protection.


Are All Medical Indemnity Insurance Covers the same?

In short, no. It is important to ensure there are no gaps in your level cover and that both you and your patients are fully protected.

Does your current Medical Indemnity Insurance policy cover some of the basic such as;

  • Needle stick cover
  • Medico legal hotline
  • Automatic “Tail” cover
  • Reputational protection
  • Privacy breach protection
  • Medicare fraud audits
  • Health fund investigations
  • AHPRA investigations
  • Removal from proceedings Hospital inquiries
  • Government inquiries
  • Coronial inquiries
  • Subpoenas for medical records

If your current level of cover has you asking questions, then Adroit Insurance & Risk is here to help.


Where to Get Medical Indemnity Insurance Australia

With an Insurance Solution that has been developed with partners Berkshire Hathaway, the world’s largest medical indemnity insurer for Doctors, 24-hour legal support and a fully managed claims process – you’ll be sure to have your mind put at ease.



Contact your Adroit professional risk for a free no obligation insurance review.

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