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Why Small Businesses Use An Insurance Broker

  • Adroit Insurance and Risk
  • May 24, 2022

If you weren’t born with an attitude that ‘the glass is always half full’, you probably wouldn’t make it as a business owner.  But business owners can still run into trouble even while wearing their rose-coloured glasses. That’s why it’s wise to employ an insurance broker to point out the pitfalls and make sure you’re insured to cover the odd, unexpected event. Business insurance brokers can also take all the doubt and confusion out of choosing the right cover for any kind of business.


Accidents Happen in All Businesses

Small business owners mustn’t leave themselves vulnerable to losses, and to do this, they need all the current risks in their business covered adequately. You, your workers (and the public) face risks every day, no matter what kind of enterprise you run.

Protect Yourself in Case of Liability Claims 

You need protection against risks in the workplace. If an employee is injured and claims Workers’ Compensation or a customer slips on your shop floor and makes a Public Liability claim, you need insurance cover.  

And in our vast experience at Adroit Insurance & Risk, it’s the businesses who don’t have adequate insurance or a business insurance broker by their side who end up paying much more for claims than they would if they’d had enough cover.  

Let Your Adroit Broker Sort Your Cover

As a small business owner, you might think you’d be better off sorting out your insurance cover, thinking it will save you time and money. So you spend time sorting out your business insurance and try to keep track of the best deals. But this is time better spent on growing your businesses.  Let our Adroit insurance brokers sort all the business insurance cover your company needs and the ones it doesn’t need.

Don’t Go it Alone on Business Insurance

Business owners going it alone on their insurance also miss out on the insider knowledge, and experience brokers have under their belt. Brokers spend their working lives finding the proper insurances for their clients and communicating with insurance companies to get the best deals. 

At Adroit, our business insurance brokers have seen it all and know what kind of insurance you need. We even spend time learning about how your business operates so we can pinpoint every risk possible. 

Brokers Can Save You Money, Too

A business insurance broker’s experience and knowledge of the insurance industry can save you money. We can do this by helping you choose the right cover for the right price, with the proper excess, and not only that, we can save you money if you need to make a claim. 

Time is Money 

Anyone who has gone through the stress of understanding the morass of information, prices for premiums and excess, deals, and different covers for Health Insurance, car policies, or home and contents insurance knows how long it can take.

Time is money when you’re in any small business or large enterprise. And considering the different prices for business insurance, not knowing if you’ve made the right decision can be daunting.  Choosing the right business insurance package for your particular industry is even more complicated because of the number of different risks that need coverage.  

Choose Adroit For Trusted Advice

Your Adroit insurance broker is a trusted adviser who knows all the risks! We offer professional advice on a broad range of risks requiring cover, on business insurance policies, the claims process and what it should cost you.

Brokers Can Lodge Claims on Your Behalf 

If your business  doesn’t use an insurance broker and you need to make a claim you’re the one who has to drop everything to fill in forms and contact assessors and the rest. Think about all that time you wasted when you could have been trading and making a profit.

Use Your Business Insurance Broker’s Expertise

Small business owners can be experts at running an advertising agency or a mechanic’s workshop, but they’re not often adept at business insurance.  Where business owners often fall short is knowing the extent of their risk.  

Without this knowledge they won’t choose the business insurance package that matches the risks their business faces every day. Paying good money for an off the rack  business insurance package usually only ends in tears.

Contact us at Adroit Today

At Adroit, we act as partners to identify your individual risk profile. We make sure you get every kind of insurance coverage you need, and nothing that you don’t need. You can feel secure knowing our professional and experienced brokers are always at your side should something go wrong. Contact us today on  03 5221 6644. 

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