Why Supermarket Businesses Need Insurance

We know it can be hard opting for the correct fit when it comes to supermarket insurance since the most appropriate cover depends on many factors. Online databases are open to cyber hack threats, broken windows cost money, staff can have OH&S issues and if a spill in an aisle causes a slip and fall accident you may face a claim.

For the best, in-depth, adequate insurance for supermarkets with comparisons at the best rates in these industries, why not call and chat with our team of trusted risk advisors nearby at Adroit?

Common Risks Faced By Supermarkets

  • Negligence compensation claims
  • Personal injury/illness
  • Loss of income/reputation
  • Employee or client injury/illness
  • Damage to commercial building/stock/equipment due to fire, flood, theft

What Insurance Do Supermarkets Need?

It’s not just the building, contents, employees and the public that you need to cover with your supermarket insurance, even if yours is a small business. The following insurances are some of the policies may need.
At Adroit, our expert team of risk advisors offer comprehensive, cost-competitive insurance solutions for your supermarket so you can keep the cash flowing in.

This covers you for any accidents to customers, members of the public, suppliers, tradies or contractors, plus any injury or illness caused by any of our products.

This can include insurance cover for money, stock, electronic equipment, building, contents, glass cover, machinery breakdown, and stock losses.

This covers you and your staff if you have an illness or injury related to your workplace and duties.

If your supermarket cannot operate for any reason this insurance covers you for business interruption.

If you are subjected to a cyber attack that threatens your data and customers and staff private details etc, this insurance protects you.

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Why Choose Adroit?

At Adroit, we take into consideration the size of your supermarket, your annual turnover, the number of employees and whether you are a lessee or an owner of the building so we can recommend a custom policy that suits your situation.

We discuss your needs and carry out a risk assessment, offering advice on hazards such as slips and falls, fire protection, security and machinery breakdown, for instance.
As a supermarket operator, an insurance risk advisor’s industry knowledge is vital to your biz. Adroit can save you hassles and time, and streamline any claims processing.

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This information is general and should not be relied upon as professional advice. For custom insurance cover for your supermarket biz, contact us at Adroit Insurance today to discuss your supermarket business insurance needs and ask for quotes.